Dave Roberts Adds To Legend Of Max Scherzer With ‘Don’t F-king Touch Me’ Story

Newly-acquired Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Max Scherzer has come as advertised.

In his first few starts with his new team, Scherzer has showcased his ability to dominate games, proving that he could be the x factor LA needs to make another deep run in October.

He has also impressed manager Dave Roberts. But the skipper found out the hard way that his ace does not like to be touched.


During Sunday Night Baseball, Dave Roberts shared a hilarious story about what Max Scherzer told him after he continuously patted him on the behind during a start.

“You can’t talk to him, let alone touch him,” Roberts said via BroBible.

“I remember a start against the Astros, I think maybe his first start at home for us, and… pat him on the butt coming into the dugout, first inning, second inning… maybe the third inning or the fourth inning I pat him on the butt, like, ‘hey, nice going,’ and he mumbles something under his breath, and I’m like, ‘did he just say, “don’t effing touch me?”‘

“And then I got the scoop from our players like, ‘hey doc, make sure you don’t touch him, he doesn’t want anyone to touch him,’ and then so, uh, I go after the game, he goes seven, and I go, ‘hey man, did you just mumble something like “don’t effing touch me?”‘ And he goes, ‘yeah, and I gave you the tempered most respectful way I could say it because this is my job, I don’t need any kind of congratulations or support, that’s my job.’”

This story shouldn’t really surprise many people who have been following Max Scherzer’s career.

The guy is widely considered to be one of the biggest psychos in the game, which is part of the reason why he’s so intimidating for opposing teams.

After the season, the Dodgers will likely try to extend Max Scherzer, who is scheduled to hit free agency this Winter.

If LA wants to appeal to Scherzer in his short stint with the organization, they’ll need to make sure that nobody touches at him, talks to him, or even looks at him when he’s pitching.

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