Rumor: Browns Expecting Deshaun Watson To Be Suspended

It’s an important week for Deshaun Watson and his immediate future with the Cleveland Browns.

Earlier in the week, it was revealed that the NFL was meeting with Watson in Dallas in part of their investigation into his alleged sexual assault.


Even though Watson was cleared from a legal standpoint, it is still possible that the NFL can hand down a suspension or punishment of their own following the independent investigation.

With the meeting reportedly taking place on Tuesday afternoon, there is a report floating around on the web that the Browns are expecting the star QB to receive a suspension of some sort.

Recently, PFT openly pondered if the Browns might be hanging on to Baker Mayfield in the event that Deshaun Watson would be suspended for an extended period of time.

Per Mike Florio’s column:

“What if the loose sense is wrong? What if the NFL, influenced by 22 claims of sexual misconduct during massages and the two-year banishment imposed on Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer by Major League Baseball, the Commissioner imposes a one-year suspension on Watson?

There’s another important factor at play here. Other owners are pissed about the five-year, $230 million guaranteed deal given by the Browns to Watson. Surely, they’re letting the Commissioner hear about it. Sort of like when the other owners were letting the Commissioner hear about the perceived wrist slap the Patriots received for Spygate. Which contributed directly to the trumped-up charges and conclusions in Deflategate.

So the Browns may need Mayfield, and it could be a tenuous win-win. He needs a place to play — and to play well — as he prepares to become a free agent. The Browns may need a starter for all, not just part, of 2022.”

It’s still hard to tell what the NFL’s course of action will end up being as it pertains to Deshaun Watson, but hopefully we’ll receive some more clarity later in the week.

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