Matt Nagy Actually Admits To Making One Glaring Mistake During The Packers Loss

It’s turning into a weekly tradition of Bears coach Matt Nagy putting his foot his his mouth following a loss. And Monday was no different.

Nagy was trolled for talking about how much “fun” he was having during the Packers game when leading at half (before expectedly collapsing). But perhaps what irked Bears fans even more was when Nagy decided to punt the ball away on 4th and inches late in the game down 11 points.

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On Monday, Matt Nagy was asked about his decision to punt the ball back to Aaron Rodgers in that spot. And he sounded clueless, admitting that going for it probably would have been the move.

“You wish you would’ve went for it,” Nagy said via NBC Sports Chicago’s Adam Hoge. “That’s the part where you look back as a coach and you go, ‘Damn, that would’ve been a time to do that.’

Matt Nagy still acting like a coach who’s trying to figure out the ins-and-outs of in-game decision making during his fourth year as  a head coach is just another reason why he will more than likely be looking for another job when the season concludes.

Couple that with the fact that he was supposed to come in as an offensive guru. And the Bears have continuously ranked near the bottom of the league in nearly every offensive metric since he arrived.

It’s hard to really find too many redeeming qualities in Matt Nagy as a head coach these days. And luckily for Bears fans, the days are numbered when we’ll get sound bites like the one we got today.

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