Matt LaFleur Speaks On All The Drama Surrounding Aaron Rodgers’ Vaccination Status And Protocols Breach

It was believed that Aaron Rodgers was vaccinated heading into the season. But after testing positive on Wednesday, it has now been revealed that Rodgers has a rather strange recent history with the vaccine.

He hasn’t voiced the same sentiments as anti-vaxxers around the league, but Rodgers reportedly tried to convince the NFL to allow him the same protocols as played who was vaccinated due to some sort of alternate treatment he took.

Despite the fact that Aaron Rodgers’ request to the league was declined, he is often seen during interviews and games without a mask on.

This led to reporters asking Packers head coach Matt LaFleur about the situation – to which he replied that he was confident all protocols were met by the team.


Due to all the protocols set in place by the NFL against unvaccinated players, Aaron Rodgers will now be forced to be away from the team until Nov. 13, which is just one day before they’re scheduled to take on the Seattle Seahawks.

Matt LaFleur will soldier on with first round draft pick, Jordan Love, as his quarterback. But the team will undoubtedly have to continue answering questions about Aaron Rodgers’ bizarre vaccination status.

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