Matt Barnes Doesn’t Want To See Trans Women Play In The WNBA

Matt Barnes is dishing out his opinion on a very polarizing topic.

There has been a debate over the last several years about whether or not trans women should be allowed to compete in women’s sports. It’s one of those hot button topics that sees people on both sides of the coin. Trans women were born as men but have since transitioned to being a woman. While the differences between sex and gender are very much real, there is a real concern that the biology of a trans woman would could give them a physical advantage over woman who were born female.

There has been an effort from lawmakers to ban trans women from participating in women’s sports.  Athletes like Matt Barnes believe trans women should have to play men’s sports.

While speaking to VladTV, Matt Barnes was asked about whether or not trans women should belong in a league like the WNBA. Barnes immediately shut that down, noting that it would be too much of an unfair advantage. Barnes noted that while he has nothing against trans people, he just doesn’t think it makes sense for a trans woman to play against other women.

“I’m pro make your choice,” Barnes said. “But sports is different. Sports is a different beast. … I don’t like that. If you’re born a woman, I think you should play women sports. And if you’re born a man, you should play man sports.”

There are currently no trans women in the WNBA. There is a trans person in the WNBA named Layshia Clarendon, however, they are a trans male, who recently got gender-affirming top surgery. Clarendon is still currently playing for the Minnesota Lynx.

Definitely a tough topic for Matt Barnes to tackle.

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