Report: Dolphins Could Land Deshaun Watson As Early As This Week

Are the Miami Dolphins desperate enough to land Deshaun Watson right now.

According to a new report, the answer to that is: yes.

The Dolphins have had issues under center this year dealing with an underwhelming and frequently injured Tua Tagovailoa. And after a surprisingly competitive 2020 season, Miami has stumbled out of the gates in 2021, falling to 1-5 after losing to the Jaguars last week.


Time For Deshaun Watson In Miami?

Amid all the disappointment in Miami, a new report has indicated that the team is ready to pull the trigger on a trade for Deshaun Watson.

According to the Houston Chronicle’s John McClain, the Dolphins and Texas could agree to a deal for Watson by next week.

Deshaun Watson has been dealing with the lawsuits from over 20 massage therapists who accuse him of sexual assault. But so far, he has not received any punishment from the NFL.

Despite him being eligible to play, Watson has not been active for the rebuilding Texans this season. And he has maintained his stance from before the allegations that he would like to be traded.

Even with the uncertainty around his future, Deshaun Watson would likely still require a haul from the Dolphins, which would be an incredible risk to take while 1-5 and seemingly out of the playoff picture.

Is Miami that desperate right now? Time will tell.

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