Maryland Governor Sends Message to an Unvaccinated Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson ain’t about that vaccine life, and his refusal to get the vaccine is upsetting some very powerful politicians. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan sent a message to the Ravens MVP, encouraging the Ravens quarterback to get vaccinated.

The Maryland governor doesn’t want  to see his favorite team forfeit any games due to COVID.

“Lamar’s gotta get (vaccinated),” Hogan said, via Phil Yacuboski of WBAL News Radio. “With the rules the NFL put down, I can’t imagine a team wanting to forfeit a game or lose a chance at the playoffs and none of the players getting paid because someone won’t get a vaccine.”


The NFL has a forfeit rule in place for this upcoming season instead of trying to reschedule cancelled games like it did last year. The forfeit rule will go into effect if a team can’t play due to COVID.

Time to take one for the team Lamar.

Listen to your Governor.

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