Lebron James Is Cherishing Every Moment Of Watching Donald Trump Go Down

Lebron James and Donald Trump don’t like each other very much. That is an understatement. Lebron has gone on the record condemning the president for his hate speech and overall behavior. Trump has responded by blaming Lebron and other outspoken athletes for ratings being lowered.

At a Trump rally last week, a “Lebron James sucks” chant broke out while Trump was calling him out. Now, it appears Lebron will get the last laugh. Here was Lebron’s reaction to Biden taking the lead in Georgia and Pennsylvania.


Lebron was proud with how the American people showed out and voted for this election.

James also had to throw some shade at Trump on his way out.

James was one of the more outspoken advocates for Joe Biden. He also spent a lot of time and money ensuring everyone would have the opportunity to vote. Lebron is one of the good ones, and now he gets to have his moment. Trump looks like he’s on the way out. Maybe Lebron had a small role in that.

It probably wasn’t the best PR move for Donald Trump to make James (one of the most popular people in the country) an enemy.

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