LeBron James Gets Blonde Woman Tossed From game After Verbal Altercation

LeBron James appeared to have enough of getting chirped by a woman sitting court-side in Atlanta on Monday Night. In the fourth quarter of the Lakers-Hawks game, the game stopped as security tended to a shouting match between LeBron and the unidentified court-side woman.

The woman was said to have been kicked out of the game shortly after the whole debacle.

One of the women took to Snapchat to share her story on the whole altercation. Apparently, LeBron James was ‘talking sh**’ to her boyfriend, and she stood up for him. I’m not sure I buy this story, but all the power to her.

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Who knows what these women could have been yelling that would have triggered LeBron James so much. Is it just me, or is this whole thing a little refreshing? We haven’t had a good fan scrap with a player in a long time. Maybe this means we’re closer to getting back to normalcy after the pandemic? Probably just wishful thinking.

Anyways, LeBron and the Lakers would overcome the blondes’ yelling attack and go on to beat the Atlanta Hawks 107-99. LeBron ended the game with 21 points nine assists and seven rebounds.

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