Sha’Carri Richardson Responds The ‘Perfect People’ And To POTUS Biden

Sha’Carri Richardson seems ready to move on after the response from POTUS Biden and decision from the Olympic rules committee.


President of the United States Joe Biden shared his thoughts on Richardson’s situation in an interview with CBS. Biden stated that “rules are rules” and that he “was really proud of the way she responded.”

Richardson responded to everyone with a string of Twitter messages on Saturday night.

There was definitely some shade sent with her words but it seems like she is ready to move on from the suspension and has accepted her punishment. It goes without saying that many athletes and fans are still trying to push the Olympic committee to change the rules or at least make an exception.

Richardson was recently on the TODAY Show to talk about her suspension.

Luckily for Richardson, she is just 21 years old and should have an ample amount of time and opportunities to improve and make it to the next Olympics.

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