LeBron and AD in the Parking Lot of Staples in Bathtubs Icing Up

When you’re job is to stay in peak physical shape, you gotta do what you gotta do. Keeping healthy is a full time job. Anthony Davis and LeBron James just finished their championship bubble season, and already they have a new season upon them. And with COVID raging out of control, you have to improvise. AD and LeBron were spotted together getting in an ice bath in the parking lot.

The two looked pretty happy chilling in the ice.

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Watch below:

Twitter had a little fun with it:



A healthy and happy LeBron and AD is scary.Β  There’s no doubt if they can continue to gel, the Lakers are going to win back to back championships.

Lakers fans have to be psyched, while the rest of the league’s fans, not so much.

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