LaMelo Ball Weighs In on Michael Jordan Versus His Father Debate

LaVar Ball is the kind of man who tries to put things out in the universe.  So far for the most part he’s been pretty successful at talking a good game and backing it up.

But when it comes to LaVar claiming he could beat Michael Jordan in a game of one on one, that’s where most people laugh off his comments.


LaMelo was not ready to go that far when asked about the 1-on-1 duel during his introductory press conference on Friday.

“I don’t think it’s going to happen,” Ball said with a grin. “And we know how it’d turn out to be honest. But I mean that is my pops and my boss, so I’m on both sides now.”

I still want to see this PPV happen.  Of course MJ has nothing to gain, but the entire world would be watching Michael destroy LaVar Ball, and once and for all shut his yapper up about that topic for good.

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