Kevin Durant Signed In To Offer A Confusing Response To A Tweet About Kyrie

Kevin Durant and the Kyrie Irving-less Nets looked like the much worse team during the Opening Night loss to the defending-champion Bucks on Wednesday.

And KD is clearly getting sensitive, yet again.

There was an online thread about where Kyrie Irving should be ranked of all the players in the NBA. And it seemed like the general consensus was that Kyrie was a top player. But regardless, Kevin Durant commented on the thread calling a fan “a casual”.

Fans were immediately confused with the response from Kevin Durant.


Kevin Durant clearly missed the sentiment from the tweet here. Either that, or he thinks that calling Kyrie a top-20 player makes you a “casual”.

At this point, we know KD is gonna be a guy who logs on to Twitter to defend his name and lash out against his critics. But he might want to actually read the tweets before offering his responses.

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