John Harbaugh Fires back After Vic Fangio Calls His Play Call ‘Bulls-t’

John Harbaugh isn’t going to back down to Vic Fangio.

After Harbaugh opted against kneeling in order to tie a record for consecutive 100 yard rushing games, Fangio voiced his displeasure.


When asked about Vic Fangio’s comments, John Harbaugh defended his decision to go for a record for his team. And he also called out Denver for not running out the clock on the previous possession.

“We didn’t expect to get the ball back,” the Ravens coach said. “You’re throwing the ball in the end zone with 10 seconds left. I don’t know that there’s a 16-point TD that’s going to be possible right there.”

Sure enough, John Harbaugh and the Ravens were able to tie a record set by the Steelers in the 1970s for consecutive 100 yard rushing games with an astonishing 43 in a row.

Obviously it helps when your quarterback is one of the fastest guys on the planet. But nonetheless, I’m all for Harbaugh going for the record here.

It’ll be interesting to see the interaction between John Harbaugh and Vic Fangio the next time they face off against each other.

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