Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Blasts Chicago Bears After Threats To Leave The City

The Chicago Bears ownership has been reportedly keeping the option open of a move to the suburbs while trying to get mayor Lori Lightfoot and the city to upgrade Soldier Field.

On Thursday, the Bears made their biggest threat yet. The team announced its plans to bid for the Arlington International Raceway, a horse racing track about 30 miles from the current location of Soldier Field.


Lori Lightfoot was quick to respond the the announcement, calling the bid a, “negotiating tactic”. She also took an unnecessary shot at the franchise’s inability to beat the Packers throughout their long history.

The Chicago Bears have not yet responded to Lori Lightfoot, but it would be nice if the two sides could handle the negotiating like adults.

As a Chicagoan, it’s clear around the city that both Lightfoot and the Chicago Bears ownership family of the McCaskeys are both pretty widely unpopular. And they’re proving why right now.

Chicago is one of the best sports cities in the entire world, and the Chicago Bears belong in the city.

Can Lori Lightfoot and the Bears just cut out the PR nonsense and figure it out already? Very few fans want to see the team move to the suburbs.

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