Jessie James Decker Wished Her Fans A Happy ‘Thirst-Day’ On Instagram

Jessie James Decker has been married to the former NFL star receiver Eric Decker since 2013. Anyone who has followed their relationship knows that the couple likes to spice things up on social media. Jessie James Decker took to social media recently to post a picture of her in a sexy bikini. She captioned the post reminding people to make the day count, but it was clearly a thirst trap.

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“Happy Thirst-day. Take your vitamins, drink your coffee, do your squats and make today count”, Jessie James Decker wrote.

Apparently, thirst traps are still a thing even in the married life. Singer/songwriter Jessie James Decker has been highly criticized by her female fans for posting photos of herself in little clothing for everyone to see, despite being married. However, she doesn’t seem to have a care in the world what her fans think in that regard.

Haters are going to hate, but that hasn’t stopped Jessie James from doing things to spice things up for her husband, Erick Decker. Just days before posting the thirst trap, she posted a naked picture of herself (covered in bubbles), inviting her husband to come and join her in the bathtub.

The internet trolls attacked Jessie James Decker for this post, but she responded in epic fashion. “I can’t imagine what’s on your computer history,” she wrote. “Hopefully nothing as risqué and repulsive as my bubble bath gown.”

One day the people will learn that this is just what Jessie James Decker does. It hasn’t seemed to have a negative impact on her marriage thus far, so why stop now?

See more of Jessie James Decker below:

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