Jeopardy! Fans Did A Poll On Aaron Rodgers And Other Potential Future Hosts Of The Show

While he has been upset with the Green Bay Packers organization, Aaron Rodgers is still finding a way to have one hell of an offseason.

He’s been in Hawaii with his fiancee, Shailene Woodley. And earlier in the offseason, Rodgers was a guest host on “Jeopardy!”. Rodgers even revealed that he has interest in being the full-time host as the show looks for a replacement for the late Alex Trebek.


Civic Science ran a series of polls for “Jeopardy!” fans to rate which guest host they’d like to take over the role on a full-time basis. While former champion Ken Jennings won the poll, Rodgers finished in a close second.

No other guest host finished anywhere near Jennings and Rodgers.

If Rodgers was to get the full-time role with “Jeopardy!”, it wouldn’t necessarily mean that he couldn’t also play in the NFL.

Rodgers could (technically) air the shows in the offseason, and focus on football for the rest of the year. In his short stint, Aaron Rodgers actually surprised me with how comfortable he was as the host.

It’s still a long shot that Aaron Rodgers will get the “Jeopardy!” gig, but it would be pretty fun.

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