Jalen Mills’ Girlfriend Chania Ray is Heating Up Social Media With her Workouts

The Green Goblin aka Jalen Mills of the Philadelphia Eagles has been seeing success on the field, but off the field, he has a powerful, strong girlfriend who most likely could kick his butt in some sports too! Chania Ray is the famous face dating Jalen, and she has been taking off on social media as the female brand ambassador of HeatXtreme and their HEAT Challenges that have gone viral during COVID lockdown.
We caught up exclusively with Chania to find out more about her personal training via social media videos, HeatXtreme and some juice on how it just simply works with dating a goblin…
1. How did you first get into the personal training world and linked up with the popular HeatXtreme brand?

I first got into the personal training world after being a Division 1 athlete and not really knowing what I wanted to do. I worked at a Law firm out of college hoping to pursue being a Lawyer but quickly realized that it wasn’t for me. I figured that it would be easier for me to do something that I was already familiar with while incorporating my passion for helping out others. I started with training my mother who was told by doctors that she would never be able to lose weight because of underlying health issues. After helping her lose 100 plus pounds I realized that training was my passion. Along my journey of establishing myself and building my own brand I met Darrel (AKA DP) who is the mastermind behind the HEAT Challenge. He invited me to be the face for one of booty programs that they were shooting for that upcoming challenge which led to conversations about potentially joining the team and being the woman face of the company. After realizing the company and I had the same vision, I was confident that this was a great fit for me. 
2. You are massive on social media. How did you first grow your audience?
My audience began as a Division 1 athlete. I had about 140,000 followers when I was playing basketball. After I graduated my followers grew because I was able to post more without the strict NCAA guidelines. Now I use my platform to solely influence and show people what I do day in and day out while also helping them from a distance. My content is genuine and transparent and I think that’s what a lot of my followers enjoy about me. 
3. You are now dating popular NFL player Jalen Mills of the Philadelphia Eagles. As two very athletic people (you used to play sports too as a D1 athlete), how do you help motivate each other?
Fitness and a healthy lifestyle is all we know. It helps so much to have a partner that has the same goals as you. Our goals are a little different because he’s able to play games and compete but at the end of the day the mindset and work ethic is the same. During the summer when he is preparing for the season, I’m working out right beside him. I try to keep up as best as I can but he’s just a second faster than me. lol.  Any time I feel like slacking, he’s there to pick me and vice versa. I’ve been blessed to have him in my corner because we bring out the best in each other and both know what it takes to be great. We won’t let each other fail and that’s helped with each one of our successes. 
4. Have you ever taught him any of your training tips?
Yes I’ve taught him a few things. Every night during preseason I put him through a 1,000 rep ab circuit that would kill both of us. I feel like we do a pretty good job bouncing ideas off of each other and sharing what we know or have learned. During early COVID when everything was completely shut down, I helped him find ways to workout in the house so he didn’t fall behind but him being an elite athlete made it easy to get creative so he didn’t need too much help. Our biggest goal was to be each other’s accountability partners in order to make the most out of what we can do. 
5. Being a popular couple, is it hard in this day and age with the spotlight always on you and your social media accounts?
It’s honestly not hard at all. We show people what we want them to see with our relationship. We have a very healthy and transparent relationship so nothing can really get thrown our direction to catch us off guard. I think the beauty in it all is that we are both driven with the same goals and don’t have time to waste so we value each other’s time and love rather than faking it for social media. Of course there are people waiting for us to fail but that’s with anything in life. But it’s not hard at all when there is pure and genuine love involved. 
6. Tell us the truth: Are you an Eagles fan?
The truth is…NO. I’m a Jalen Mills fan. I’ve never been into football and never declared a favorite team. GreenGoblin over anybody, all day everyday. 
7. What’s up next for you and HeatXtreme for the rest of 2020 and into 2021?
We’re always doing a HeatChallenge every 8 weeks which is what most people look forward to but we have some big things coming. We’re working on a new site, an APP, rebranding as far as introducing a new image for the company and much more.  We’re always looking to add more for people to enjoy so I recommend you stay tuned to our platforms to keep up with what’s to come. 
Find out more about HeatXtreme and Chania at: http://heatxtreme.com & http://instagram.com/chaniaray/

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