Jackson Mahomes Records Brittany Matthews Spraying Chiefs Fans With Champagne From Their Suite

Patrick Mahomes is absolutely ridiculously amazing.

His fiancé, not so much. Mahomes once again pulled off a miracle, and he somehow managed to get the Chiefs to overtime when it seems nearly impossible. Mahomes has been overshadowed all season long by his fiance Brittany Matthews and his brother Jackson.

This is probably one of the only reasons to root against Patrick Mahomes, who otherwise seems like a pretty nice guy.

Matthews, with Jackson Mahomes recording from his cell phone, celebrated the win over the Buffalo Bills by spraying champagne from her suite on Chiefs fans.

Watch below:

I doubt anyone was too bothered by the Champagne shower, but from an optics standpoint, this comes off as annoying.

Right on par with everything Brittany and Jackson do.

If only Patrick could reign in his fam, the dude would be untouchable.

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