Former NFL QB Dan Orlovsky Stumps For Joe Burrow For MVP

Joe Burrow is playing some elite football this season, but is he MVP worthy?

On First Take, former NFL Quarterback Dan Orlovsky spoke about Joe Burrow’s play and how he is currently a top five quarterback in the entire NFL.

This was then followed up with kind of a hot take.

Orlovsky went on to make the case for why Burrow should be considered for the MVP title this year.

“The way he thinks is a trained assassin,” Orlovsky said. “Like, he is trying to go take your soul every single time he throws the football.” Orlovsky almost the case that over the last month or so, Burrow has willed his team into the postseason. After a 525-yard performance against the Ravens and a 446-yard performance against the Chiefs, it’s clear that Burrow is one of the best and brightest young QB talents in the league, and his team wouldn’t be where they are without him.

The MVP award is most likely going to go to either Aaron Rodgers or Colts running back Johnathan Taylor.

But Burrow may still get some votes. What he’s done for the Bengals in two years is just short of a miracle.

Burrow will one day get his, not sure this is the year.

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