Former Mets Manager Mickey Callaway Accused Of Making ‘Unwanted Advances’ On Several Women Over The Course Of His Career

Former Mets manager and Indians pitching coach Mickey Callaway is under the microscope today after a bombshell report details a troubling history with women.

Five women were interviewed by The Athletic, and have claimed they experienced inappropriate behavior from Mickey Callaway. The accusations span from three separate stops in Callaway’s short time in the MLB.

While the women remain un-identified, the quotes and text messages allegedly sent by Mickey Callaway are concerning. One woman reporter in New York said she got a Facebook request from Callaway. Convinced it wasn’t actually the Mets manager, she left it pending. Mickey Callaway then approach her in the locker room and accused the woman of “big timing” him.

It gets much worse.

“Two or three times a week for a month he’d send me shirtless selfies,” the woman said, adding that he would then asked for her to reciprocate, “Now you send me one of you.” She never did, but that didn’t stop Callaway’s advances.

“I bet you look yummy on tequila,” he said in another text message “Our sleep doctor in Cleveland said you should always sleep naked. Healthier for your skin and rest so much better. Have to let perfect skin breathe!” That text went unanswered, but he still didn’t stop.

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The list of women reporters who claimed Mickey Callaway made creepy advances towards them goes on. All of this begs the question, “how did this guy keep landing jobs in the MLB?” One of the Woman interviewed by The Athletic said his reputation was so bad that they knew to keep distance from the former skipper.

“It was the worst-kept secret in sports,” said one of the women about Callaway’s weird behavior.

If a reporter knew of this reputation, you would think the Mets had to have known prior to hiring him, right? The New York Mets are just such a joke of an organization, and the Mickey Callaway story is another reason why.

Hopefully he never gets another job in the MLB. There is simply no room in the game for people who treat women like this. MLB organizations need to be held to a higher standard.

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