Falcons Fan Writes Letter Resigning From Fandom

The Atlanta Falcons. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear that team’s name?

Yep. They’ll never escape it.

You’d think the Falcons have learned some lessons since then, right?


Well this is America. We don’t learn lessons. That requires going to school, and as both teachers and kids have demonstrated recently, no one wants to do that.

So instead, the Falcons wrote a sequel to the Super Bowl with the other most hated team in the NFL:

For those of you keeping score at home, the Falcons are about the worst team ever at holding onto sizeable lead to secure a win. Surely you’d think the Falcons would have had enough and fired Dan Quinn after that. Right? Right????

Well, they didn’t. Again: we don’t learn lessons in this country.

So one Falcons fan finally said no more and took matters into his own hands:

Whew that last line. Ouch. We’d ask the Falcons for a comeback, but obviously they don’t have any of those either.

Where is he going next?

Good luck to Harlen, as Kevin Durant can tell you, free agency decisions can be tricky. Something tells us at least he won’t need burners to trash the Falcons.

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