Every NFL Game Held a John Madden Tribute This Past Weekend

The NFL paid tribute to a legend’s passing this past weekend.

With a lot of teams playing for their playoffs lives, much of the focus was on the recent passing of John Madden. There’s no way to explain just how much Madden meant to players and fans across the NFL. He was an incredible coach, an amazing broadcaster, and an even better human.

There’s no better way to truly understand how much he meant to the entirety of the NFL than to take a look at all of the tributes that we saw over the course of the day.

See below:

Several fans and players took their tributes even farther. Check out these custom cleats from Stefon Diggs.

Dak Prescott wore a John Madden t-shirt during pre-game warmups. And even the fans brought out signs in tribute of one of the NFL greats.

Legendary people get legendary tributes.

RIP John Madden.

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