Donald Trump Lashes Out At MLB Over Decision To Move All-Star Game Out Of Atlanta

Former president Donald Trump has found his way back into the news today. This comes in wake of the MLB’s decision to move the All-Star Game out of Atlanta to protest a new Georgia voting law that restricts voting for everybody.

Trump was asked his thoughts on the matter, and made it clear that he didn’t care for the decision very much. In typical Donald Trump fashion, he sort of just attacked the MLB as a whole instead on actually speaking on the issue at hand. He thinks it’s time to ‘boycott’ the league.


“I’m just not very interested in baseball, for the last number of years,” Trump told reporters. “You know, you look – it’s – you want to find a game, it’s on, it’s on every channel, and yet you can’t find anything. It’s the weirdest thing. Used to be a nice, easy thing to follow.”

Not quite sure what Donald Trump is even getting at with that dig. The games are scheduled to be on certain channels, and then you flip to those channels to watch the game you want. Does he want me to buy him the TV Guide?

Anyways, here’s what Trump originally said after Rob Manfred made his decision that the All-Star Game would be moved.

“Baseball is already losing tremendous numbers of fans, and now they leave Atlanta with their All-Star Game because they are afraid of the Radical Left Democrats who do not want voter I.D., which is desperately needed, to have anything to do with our elections,” Trump said in a statement last week, per The Hill.

Even though he isn’t in office anymore, something tells me we’ll still be hearing from Donald Trump quite often.

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