Conspiracy Theory Nut Larry Johnson Has One for the Tiger Woods Car Crash

Larry Johnson has a theory on Tiger Woods. Former NFL running back Larry Johnson made a name for himself being a bruising back that could score from anywhere on the field. He was instantly a fantasy stud when he entered the league. Johnson played nine seasons in the NFL, the first seven with the Chiefs. Johnson was a two-time Pro Bowler in Kansas City, rushing for consecutive 1,750-yard-plus seasons. Since his retirement, he’s been known for something completely different.

Spewing his conspiracy theories online.

Sideaction’s Latest:

This is how he gets attention these days.  His latest one is a real doozy.

Twitter reacted to his latest:

The internet has given a platform to all the loons.

LJ knows exactly what he’s doing, and his latest conspiracy theory is right on brand.

Get a life losers.

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