Raiders Gay Defensive Star Carl Nassib’s Boyfriend Finally Revealed

We first broke the story last week, Carl Nassib has a boyfriend.

In case you didn’t already know, Carl Nassib, the defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders, came out back in June of 2021. Now his boyfriend is starting to go viral. When we were first tipped off about Carl Nassib’s boyfriend, we were asked to keep his name anonymous. Now it appears the cat’s out of the bag.

Carl Nassib’s boyfriend Erik posted a photo to his Instagram of him and Carl after the Raiders’ NFL game against the Pittsburgh Steelers this past weekend. Carl then reposted the same photo on his Instagram Story with a smiley face emoji.

You can see Carl’s post of his boyfriend Erik below:

Check out Carl’s boyfriend Erik’s Instagram posts below:

The Raiders won the game 26-17!

Congratulations to Carl and Erik on their budding romance.

For those wondering why we would post about Carl’s boyfriend? Well, we cover athletes significant others, period.

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