Buccaneers Insider Claims Tom Brady is Tipping Certain Plays Based on One Minor Detail

Tom Brady has a tell?

If you play poker you’re probably aware of the concept of a “tell,” which refers to certain habits and mannerisms you can use to get a read on whether a player is bluffing or has a good hand. Players in sports also have tells, which is definitely something that happens to a pitcher on a mound who may be giving off some kind of tell tipping the batter. This could give the other team a signficant advantage. If a team knows when a pass or run is coming, they have the upper hand.

In 2019, Lamar Jackson was able to reverse course after broadcasters pointed out he was only drying his hands with a towel on passing plays during a rainy game. Now it appears the man known as the greatest QB of all time also may have a tell.

Last night during Thursday Night Football, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers season took its latest turn for the worse after the team fell to 3-5 on the year thanks to a 27-22 loss the Ravens.

Tom Brady wasn’t looking like his old self, and there may be a reason why. Tom Brady may not be doing himself any favors with a certain tell that was picked up by Paul Atwal of Pewter Report, who says the location of the QB’s right foot has become a bit of a tell. So basically whenever Tom puts it forward prior to the snap, the team will either be running a handoff or a screen.

If this is something the defense knows about, it’s gives them a significant advantage, especially if you know a screen pass is coming. Football is all about the element of surprise, so hopefully word can get back to Tom and he can fix this.

Even GOATS have tells, sad. To make matters worse Tom is going through D-Day today. 

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