Ana Montana Spotted in LaMelo Ball’s Instagram Story

The relationship between Instagram model Ana Montana and Charlotte Hornets superstar LaMelo Ball continues to be extremely riveting. That’s because the reigning NBA rookie of the year is trying his hardest not to be pictured with his girlfriend. The two finally got caught red handed a few weeks back.

Now it appears once again the two have been spotted together. Ana was seen in LaMelo’s IG story over the weekend, and of course the internet detectives were quick to point her out.

You can see her in the video below:

It’s so quick that you would never even catch it, but the LaMelo Stans see all. They also spotted Ana’s Dior purse in the vid.

See below:

Good to see LaMelo out in public with Ana, although it still feels like he’s trying to hide her.

We’ll keep our eyes out for the next sighting.

Check out more of Melo’s girlfriend Ana Montana below:

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