Aaron Rodgers Reportedly ‘Furious’ Over Vaccination Status Leak

Aaron Rodgers has been caught in a lie.

All year, fans and members of the media have been under the impression that Rodgers is vaccinated after he answered a question by saying “yeah, I’m immunized”.

But after he tested positive for the virus this week, it was revealed that Aaron Rodgers was hoping to get an exemption from the NFL after undergoing some sort of “alternative treatment” from his personal doctor.


With Aaron Rodgers away from the team while dealing with the virus, reports have surfaced that the star QB is “furious” about the leak on his real vaccination status.

From Pro Football Talk:

Per a league source (the same one who tried to tell me on October 5 that Rodgers wasn’t vaccinated), Rodgers is “furious” over the fact that his true status was leaked. Given his propensity to complain about the manner in which he’s treated by the media, it’s safe to wonder whether he’ll complain about the fact that NFL Media reported his status, despite his clear desire to hide it — and his ability to do it for weeks.

If Aaron Rodgers were vaccinated, he could have potentially played this weekend’s game against the Chiefs if he were to test negative 24 hours before kickoff.

But now that it’s been announced that he’s not actually technically  not “immunized”, he’s in jeopardy of missing the Seattle game the following week, as well.

This whole story is pretty on-point for Aaron Rodgers – who seems to attract drama no matter how much he tries to blame it on the people around him.

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