Steve Sarkisian Spoke On The Wild Monkey, Stripper Story Involving A Member Of Texas’ Coaching Staff

Steve Sarkisian had to speak on a rather bizarre story on Thursday.

So, according to a report, Texas’ special teams coordinator Jeff Banks is hooking up with a stripper who goes by the stage name “Pole Assassin”. And during Halloween, she became under fire when a pet monkey (bought by Banks) bit a trick-or-treater.


Steve Sarkisian forced to speak on ridiculous story

Being as he’s a coach of college students, Jeff Banks’ players must have gotten a kick out this absurd story. But according to Sark, the team is not distracted by “Pole Assassin”, the monkey, or anything else going on in here.

Social media wasn’t buying Steve Sarkisian’s take.

Steve Sarksian opted against going into detail about anything else about this insane story surrounding Jeff Banks. But I would have paid a lot of money to have been a fly on the wall when Banks was trying to explain the whole thing to Sark or his players.

Nevertheless, it appears that Texas will try to soldier on like its business as usual.

And Steve Sarkisian will hope all this monkey nonsense goes away soon.

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