49ers Reportedly Went All-In For Aaron Rodgers

The Sn Francisco 49ers made their decision on Jimmy Garoppolo clear when they traded for the third pick in the NFL Draft. He’s not their franchise quarterback.

While the Niners are now expected to take either Mac Jones or Trey Lance as their next signal-caller, they reportedly tried to hit a home run prior to the draft.

According to reports, the 49ers made a run at Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.


NFL Insider Tom Pelissero also heard that the Niners tried for Rodgers, but apparently the Packers told them there was no shot they were trading the MVP.

Other reporters are saying that the whole notion that the 49ers even attempted to trade for Aaron Rodgers is simply ‘not true’.

Aaron Rodgers has talked about his ‘uncertain’ future with the Packers in the past, but the front office has remained firm that he is their quarterback. And with good reason. If the Packers play their cards right this offseason, they can build a roster around Aaron Rodgers that can make a run at the Super Bowl this season.

They would be absolutely crazy to trade Rodgers. But you can’t blame the 49ers for trying.

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