Potential Jimmy Garoppolo Trade Now Hinges on One Thing

Will Jimmy G ever get traded?

With Baker Mayfield traded, Jimmy Garoppolo must now await Deshaun Watson’s suspension news. Watson going to the Browns ultimately left Baker out in the cold, and eventually got him shipped out of town. This week the Panthers traded for Mayfield, thereby crossing one of the few remaining teams potentially interested in Jimmy G off that list.

Now, Garoppolo and the 49ers have to wait and see what happens with Watson. Watson could face an indefinite suspension despite the trade, but the Niners might have to wait a while before any news develops there.

Via Pro Football Talk:

“They weren’t able to come close enough late last week. The league is still insisting from what I’ve been told on an indefinite suspension that would allow Watson to . . . apply for reinstatement after a certain period of time. Initially they wanted that period to be a year but they moved a little closer to Watson and were talking about, “You know, you can reapply after 12 games,” for example. But Watson is still not interested in signing up for that indefinite suspension.”

For a Browns team ready to win now, trading for Garoppolo makes perfect sense.

If Cleveland wants to get ahead of Watson’s situation, it’d better strike now.

Jimmy G will just have to wait a bit longer to see where he’ll play this upcoming season.

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