Chris Sale Immediately Trolled After Freak Accident Puts Him Back On IL

Boston Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale just can’t catch a break.

After making his way back from injury this season, he was shelved in his second start when Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks broke his finger with a comebacker.


Now, Sale is back in the news for injury reasons, but this one is a little more of the obscure nature.

According to reports, Chris Sale broke his wrist and will require surgery after he suffered a nasty fall off his bike.

After the bike fall news was revealed, Chris Sale was going viral all over social media.

After hurting his finger in the Yankees start, Chris Sale was clearly frustrated.

“It’s very frustrating,” said Sale at the time of that injury via NY Post. “Elbow surgery for a pitcher is not uncommon, right? That happens with the job, with what we’re doing. We deal with that. Some of this other stuff, you think, ‘Why me?’ ”

Perhaps Chris Sale is currently carrying the same “why me?” thoughts after his bike ride went terribly wrong.

Following his days as a dominant ace with the White Sox, the Red Sox opened up the check book to land him following the 2016 season.

In 2017 and 2018, Boston got the guy they paid for — with Sale finishing top five in AL Cy Young in both seasons. But ever since, it’s been nothing short of a disaster for the flame throwing left-hander.

In 2019, Sale started his decline with a losing record to go along with an uncharacteristically-high 3.39 ERA. Since that season, he’s pitched just 47.1 innings due to injury.

Perhaps Chris Sale put it best when admitting that his recent string of rehab ‘sucks’.

“I just want to do my job,” said Sale, a seven-time All-Star. “I just want to play baseball. I’ve had so many things take that away from me. It sucks.

“It’s par for the course, honestly. Think about my timeline. It’s just been s–t after s–t after s–t. Just more s–t to deal with. What can you do? Everyone gets knocked down. It’s how you get back up. It’s where I’m at again. Get back up, dust yourself off, clean up, get back to it.”

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