Footage Of Cain Velasquez’s High-Speed Chase Emerges Which Led to Attempted Murder Charge

Cain Velasquez’s high speed chase is going viral.

Cell phone footage has been released which allegedly shows a car being driven by former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez chasing another vehicle in an incident which led to the ex-fighter shooting one of the occupants.

The retired fighter has been charged with attempted murder, among other charges, and could face a 20-year prison sentence if he is convicted. Velasquez was in pursuit of a man
who had been charged with the molestation of an underage relative of Velasquez.

The man in question is expected to survive his injuries, according to reports.

Watch below:

The high-speed chase was said to have extended for more than 11 miles, after which Velasquez was arrested at around 3.15pm, according to the San Jose Police Department in California.

Velasquez remains in police custody at the Santa Clara County main jail. An arraignment is expected to take place on Monday, when a judge will likely decide if he can be bailed.

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