Patrick Mahomes Responds to Tyreek Hill’s Podcast Comments

Tyreek Hill has been doing a lot of talking since he signed with the Miami Dolphins.

During the first episode of the podcast, Hill was critical of both Mahomes and his role within the Chiefs’ offense during the 2021 NFL season. Speaking to reporters after the conclusion of the team’s mandatory minicamp, Mahomes said he was taken aback by the comments.

Mahomes spoke to reporters in length about his  former #1 target’s digs:

“I mean, I’m surprised a little just because I feel like we love Tyreek (Hill) here,” Mahomes told reporters. “We always loved him, we still love him. I saw him out at Formula 1 in Miami and everything like that. But I’m sure it had something to do with getting his podcast some (hype) and get it rolling.”

Mahomes explained there is no love lost between him and his former receiver.

“Definitely, I still love Tyreek,” Mahomes said. “He’s a one-of-a-kind player, but as you know, in Coach Reid’s offense, it takes the whole team. This offense was rolling before I got here — this offense was rolling when I was a young Cowboys fan watching the Eagles beat up on the Cowboys. It’s an offense that is more than one player and that includes myself.”

Mahomes hasn’t talked to Hill since the podcast came out, but said when he saw him at Formula 1 in Miami back in May everything seemed fine. He also has a theory about why Hill said what he said on his podcast.

“It’s something where I’m sure he’s trying to show he loves where he’s at in Miami,” Mahomes surmised. “He loves his teammates. But at the end of the day, it’s just going out there and playing football. You kind of let other people talk about who is the best and other type of stuff. You just want to go out there and win football games.”

Reid kept his response to Hill’s podcast comments brief, emphasizing again that there is no love lost between the organization and the former receiver.

“I love Tyreek (Hill),” Reid said. “He’s a good kid. We think the world of him.”

All eyes will be on  Mahomes without Hill, and of course we’ll see how Hill fares with Tua in Miami.

Personally I think they’re both worse off without each other.

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