Brad Stevens Actually Sounds Kind Of Interested In The Indiana University Job

Earlier today, Brad Stevens talked about the interest he was receiving from Indiana Hoosiers fans for him to fill their head coaching vacancy. While he admitted that he was flattered by the love he was getting from the IU fanbase, Stevens pretty much shot down the rumors that he might be interested.

In a later press conference on Tuesday, Brad Stevens was asked again about if he’d be interested in the IU job. This time, Stevens certainly left that door open.

Brad Stevens went in depth about how much college basketball in Indiana means to him, and spoke about how when he was growing up IU basketball was a big reason why he fell in love with the game.

Stevens also spoke on how he has family (including his father) who still live in Indiana, which could play a role in a potential decision for him to take the Hoosiers job if it’s presented to him.

He wraps up his heartfelt Indiana comments by pointing out the fact that he is still the head coach of the Boston Celtics, and doesn’t plan to step down anytime soon. But Stevens certainly doesn’t shoot down the possibility that he could be interested in moving back to a college position at some point.

If IU could somehow land Brad Stevens to replace Archie Miller, it would be a slam dunk hire that would rile up a dormant Hoosiers fan base. As the head coach of Butler, Stevens went 139-40, including making the NCAA Championship with Gordon Hayward in 2010.

It remains to be seen if Brad Stevens would actually take the Indiana job. But if I’m Hoosiers AD Scott Dolson, I’m doing everything in my power to get Brad Stevens to Bloomington.

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