Niners GM Reveals Latest Update on Deebo Samuel

Is Deebo Samuel going anywhere?

The NFL draft is over and nothing happened in regards to trading Deebo Samuel, albeit one BS report from Odell Beckham Jr.

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49ers G.M. John Lynch was asked by reporters on Saturday whether there were any more phone calls from other teams about Samuel and whether anything has changed.

“There wasn’t,” Lynch said. “Nothing’s changed.”

Other teams can still try to trade for Samuel, as we know a few teams unsuccessfully tried to on draft night.

Deebo needs to deal with the reality that he either needs to take the best offer the 49ers will make or roll the dice on 2022. Betting on yourself is risky in a sport where all it takes is one major blow to end your career.

Regardless, the 49ers managed to get through the draft without trading Samuel.

Now the ball’s in Deebo’s court.

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