Trevor Bauer Not Happy With People Bringing Attention To MLB Investigation On Doctoring The Baseball

Yesterday, The Athletic released a report on the MLB investigating Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer for potentially doctoring the baseball to increase more spin.


Naturally, writers across the country (myself included) were quick to jump on the story. After all, there has been speculation on how Trevor Bauer increased his RPM in 2020 by 364 on his fastball, 377 on his curveball, 215 on his slider, 268 on his cutter, and 442 on his sinker.

Simply put, it was a story that Trevor Bauer was being looked into by the MLB. However, he didn’t think so. He thought any speculation into him doctoring the ball was brought on by ‘gossip bloggers’ who were just looking to make ‘misleading headlines’ (even though the noise around him started with a reputable sports journalism website).

“Lol always fun reading desperate and misleading clickbait headlines from national gossip bloggers,” Bauer tweeted. “To translate fake journalist speak for y’all, ‘It’s unclear whether’ = ‘I can’t be bothered to look into this cuz it doesn’t fit my narrative.’ Wonder where the articles about balls from every other pitcher being taken out of play in literally every other game this season are?

“Also lol to @MLB who already has ‘sources’ talking to gossip bloggers about a supposedly confidential process a week into the season. Thumbs up y’all keep killin it!”

Throughout Trevor Bauer’s career, he has often taken to social media to speak out against his critics. It’s fine, he’s outspoken, he’s different, and he embraces that role. But to say that this whole thing is a non-story is just wrong.

We’ll wait to see the outcome of the MLB’s efforts to crack down on the doctoring of the baseball. For Trevor Bauer and other pitchers around the league.

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