Julian Edelman Is Still Terrified Of Bill Belichick

Julian Edelman enjoyed a lot of success during his time with Bill Belichick. But even to this day, the decorated head coach terrifies Edelman.

During a recent appearance on the “I Am Athlete” podcast, Edelman revealed an interaction with Belichick during his latest visit with the Pats.

“I just saw him,” Edelman said. “I went and visited the team. He was like, ‘Look, if I have to turn on the f*cking TV and see you doing me every f*cking day, what are we f*cking doing?’ That’s what he would say to me. I’m still scared of the guy. He’s like the Emperor.”

Bill Belichick saw enough of Julian Edelman as a QB in college to take a chance on him playing a different position with the Patriots.

And after 11 season together, Edelman made Belichick look like an absolute genius for the move.

Even in retirement, Julian Edelman finds himself as one of the most beloved Boston athletes of all-time, known for clutch catch after clutch catch in the postseason.

Regardless of how he feels about Bill Belichick, Edelman will always be linked to the head coach.

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