Jerry Jones Responds to Angry Dallas Cowboys Fans, Taunts Them That He’s Not Selling the Team

It’s Jerry’s world, we’re just living in it.

The Dallas Cowboys owner has just revealed that he’s not going anywhere, and Cowboys fans better just get used to how Jerry Jones handles things. Jerry Jones made his weekly radio appearance on 105.3 The FAN in Dallas on Friday morning. The Billionaire Cowboys owner discussed the growing anger from fans about the team’s performance, and admitted that they should be angry at how the season is going after one week. In case you missed it, the Cowboys lost to the Bucs and Dak Prescott injured his thumb.

And to stick it those angry fans, Jerry Jones ensured them he’s not going to be selling the team.

“Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to fans frustrated, ‘I’d be mad too,’ but says, ‘I’ll never sell this team,” NFL reporter Jane Slater tweeted. “Says he would be open to a segment on 105.3 The Fan taking calls from fans. Also adds shuffling out [general managers] around the league isn’t a secret to success either.”

Forbes recently named the Cowboys the world’s most valuable sports franchise at $8 billion. Dallas has led the list since 2016 and increased its value each year. So it’s easy to see why Jerry Jones has no interest in selling. But that’s probably not going to make Cowboys fans feel any better, considering his kids are in line to take over the throne.

Just to note, Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Stadium for $150 million.

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