Jake Paul Puts ‘Dirty Dog’ Tyreek Hill on Notice For Sending DM’s to His Girlfriend Julia Rose

Jake Paul knows how to stay in the headlines.

Tyreek Hill is an abosulte nightmare for NFL secondary’s, and it also appears he’s a guy you need to watch out for trying to steal your girlfriend. During the latest episode of Jake Paul’s B.S podcast, the YouTube superstar turned celebrity boxer called out the Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver for messaging his girlfriend Julia Rose “don’t forget about me.”

Hill had previously mentioned that he uses that line to pick up women, as Jake Paul explains.

Watch Jake Paul call out Tyreek Hill below:

Jake Paul even called Hill a ‘dirty dog’ for using his signature pickup line on his girlfriend Julia Rose.

The  Miami Dolphins electric receiver didn’t even try to deny that he DM’d Julia Rose, in fact Tyreek filmed himself doing it in real-time.

Watch Tyreek text Julia Rose below:

The Miami Dolphins paid an extremely high price to acquire tge All-Pro wide receiver.

Last season Tyreek Hill recorded a career-high 111 receptions for 1,239 yards and nine touchdowns, but It remains to be seen if he’ll have the same connection with Tua that he had with Patrick Mahomes.

Hopefully Tua won’t forget about Tyreek on the gridiron. As far as Jake Paul’s future boxing plans, he’s scheduled to fight UFC legend Anderson Silva this October. 

That should be worth a watch, or at the very least a check of the results on your phone.

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