Tyreek Hill Hilariously Compares the 2019 Chiefs Offense to the 2022 Dolphins Offense

Tyreek Hill is trying to get everyone drinking the Dolphins Kool Aid.

Miami Dolphins star receiver Tyreek Hill has been doing a ton of talking since he decided to take a payday rather than stay with the Chiefs. First Tyreek spewed out some nonsense about Tua Tagovailoa, comparing him to Patrick Mahomes. He then clarified his remarks after receiving death threats.

His latest comments are once again getting skewered.

According to Tyreek, the 2019 Chiefs offense is the exact same as the 2022 Dolphins offense.  Tyreek goes on to say the Dolphins might have even more weapons.

“That 2019 offense with the Chiefs was stupid. When I go out to practice each and every day like I said, I see the same exact team. I swear. As far explosive, as far as dynamic, we have the same weapons. Maybe even more.”

Nothing is wrong with Tyreek trying to pump up his team, or instill confidence in his QB, but he has to realize his comments make him look foolish.

Why continue to trash your old team, move on, focus on the Dolphins.

He’ll be eating his words once the season starts.

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