Steve Kerr Takes Savage Shot At Lebron James Following NBA Championship

Steve Kerr is feeling a little extra cocky following his latest NBA Championship.

Despite being looked at as an aging roster, Kerr was able to push all the right buttons for the Warriors this season when winning yet another NBA Championship. And during his media tour following the latest triumph, the Warriors head coach made sure to take a shot at Lebron James when comparing him to Michael Jordan.

Obviously, Kerr played with MJ — who never lost when he reached an NBA Finals.

“I have equal respect for Michael and Lebron, they both gave me three rings,” Kerr said.

Like many who played or watched Michael Jordan, Steve Kerr isn’t sold on Lebron James as the GOAT. And why would he be?

After all, Kerr reaped the benefits of MJ during his playing days, and has proven he can best LeBron as a coach.

When (or if) Lebron James sees Steve Kerr’s comment, it could serve as some great bulletin-board material for him as he enters the twilight of his career.

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