Snoop Dogg Turned Down Huge Payday to DJ Michael Jordan Party

Snoop Dogg must be pretty wealthy.

Snoop is known to DJ from time to time and the GOAT Michael Jordan offered him the chance to do so at one of his parties in the past. Guess how much the former Chicago Bulls star was willing to give Snoop? A whopping $2 million. But, he turned it down due to a “schedule conflict.”

Via Jake Paul Podcast:

“I know one of the craziest deals I turned down was like $2 million dollars to DJ a Michael Jordan party and I turned it down. I’ve still never met Michael Jordan but I still want to.”

So it wasn’t necessarily about the money, but how do you not reschedule your other event.

Not only would he get paid two million but he also would get to meet Michael Jordan for the first time.

Outside of the birth of my baby, and that’s debatable, If I’m getting 2 Million to meet Michael Jordan, I’m there.

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