Powerful People Close to the Lakers Reportedly Not Happy About Phil Jackson News

Not everyone in the Lakers organization is feeling Zen.

It’s been revealed that the Los Angeles Lakers are looking to former head coach Phil Jackson to assist in their current head coaching search.



The Hall of Fame coach  is reportedly  “significantly involved” in the search for the next coach. Apparently some powerful individuals, whomever they are, are none too pleased about Jackson’s role in the search. Basically they want Phil to have nothing to do with the organization.

Via Athletic:

“Make no mistake, there are powerful people close to the Lakers who aren’t thrilled with the reality that Jackson’s voice is being taken into account when he has no formal position with the franchise,” Sam Amick of The Athletic reported. “Like it or not, though, [Jeanie] Buss has relied on this sort of informal counsel from people she trusts for years now. That was the case with Kobe Bryant before his passing and had everything to do with the choice to hire his former agent, Lakers vice president of basketball operations Rob Pelinka, in February 2017.”

The Lakers are running out of time to utilize LeBron James, as he’s not getting any younger. LeBron still played at an extremely high level, but the whole roster needs an overhaul, plus you have to figure out what to do with Russell Westbrook.

It wouldn’t surprise me if those “powerful people” are just the guys at Klutch Sports. LeBron probably wants to head the search for the next coach he’ll eventually get fired.

The Lakers are a real mess.

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