LeBron James Comments on Post About Cheating on Wives

LeBron James’ season is done, officially.

The Los Angeles Lakers ruled James out of the final two games of the regular season Friday, leading to him tweeting that he wished his historic season could have led to more wins.

It’s been a tough season for LeBron, and there were several occasions where he probably did a little too much off the court, specifically on Social Media. Bron even recently deleted a tweet that didn’t age very well as the Lakers season went straight into the toilet.

Now Bron is under fire for another interesting comment. LeBron commented on a video about Men cheating on their wives.

So not sure exactly what LeBron is trying to say here.

Is he insinuating he and his friends are just messing around when his wife thinks he’s actually out cheating on her?

Not sure why he even bothered commenting, not much upside there. LeBron needs to do less on Social Media in my opinion.

Check out more of Bron’s beautiful trusting wife below:

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