Kevin Durant Responds To the Latest Round of Brooklyn Nets Trade Rumors

Kevin Durant is definitely annoyed with the trade process.

The disgruntled Brooklyn Nets star has been on the receiving end of a a plethora of rumors given the fact that he requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets a little over a month ago. At this point it’s really difficult to tell what the future for KD looks like. The Brooklyn Nets appear to be playing hardball with every team they get into negotiations with, and there is a realistic chance that he ends up staying with the team he so badly wants to leave.


Some reporters are now trying to reach out to Durant via Twitter, and of course he is responding. Reporter Tommy Beer asked KD if he wanted to clear up any rumors, which led to a now-deleted response in which KD said:

“Keep making shit up like y’all always do, the lies will get u where u want to be my man.”

In a now deleted interaction, Durant was asked whether or not he believes Marc Stein’s latest report was fabricated. This report suggests that Durant might actually change his mind and stay with Brooklyn. Once again, KD didn’t have too much to say as he wrote “that’s your decision to make.” Essentially, KD is fed up with the news cycle, and he would probably rather be traded now than have this drag out any longer than it has.

And we can’t argue with that sentiment.

The Kevin Durant trade saga is going to go for God knows how long, expect more of this from KD.

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