Jimmy Butler Slams Sixers For Letting Him Go Following Series Win: ‘Tobias Harris Over Me!’

Miami Heat guard Jimmy Butler has been the best player in the NBA Playoff thus far, and it’s really hard to make an argument for anyone else.

Butler asserted his dominance on both ends of the floor all throughout the Sixers series, playing like a man with a chip on his shoulder. And now we know the reason why.

As Jimmy Butler was heading to the locker room, cameras caught him slamming Philly for letting him go back in the day by repeatedly shouting, “Tobias Harris over me!”

During the series-clinching Game 6 win over the 76ers, Jimmy Butler was once again the best player on the entire floor.

On Thursday night, Butler dropped 32 points to go along with eight rebounds and four assists. His Heat will now face off against the winning of the Bucks-Celtics, in what should be another thrilling series.

One thing is for sure: Jimmy Butler expects a championship or bust with this Heat team. And despite being given slim odds coming into the playoffs, there is now no reason to believe Butler’s team can’t be the last one standing at this point.

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