Fans Are Convinced They Found Kevin Durant’s Burner Account After The Sweep

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant has been known to use burner Twitter accounts to back himself up in the past, and it would come as a surprise to absolutely no one if he was at it again to defend his legacy this week.

When KD and the Nets were swept by the Celtics earlier in the week, fans were out scouring the web to try to find out if had a burner account lurking out there. And they’re pretty sure they found it.

After the Game 4 loss, a tweet by the account, “Kevinfan7” has many thinking it was Kevin Durant, himself.

“Nothing KD, could do. He was out there playing 1v5,” the account said.

Fans immediately and hilariously accused “kevinfan7” of being Kevin Durant.

So far, this is the first Twitter activity from the account many have accused of being Kevin Durant’s burner account, which means the person definitely just made a Twitter to get this point across.

Sure, it’s a long shot that this is actually KD’s burner, but thinking about the possibility is funny nonetheless.

Throughout the Celtics series, Kevin Durant had some flashes of his greatness. But thanks to a swarming Celtics defense, it was clear that somebody else was going to have to beat them.

Now, KD has a long offseason of trying to quiet his critics on social media awaiting him.

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