White Sox Not Thrilled With Josh Donaldson’s Small Punishment

The Josh Donaldson debate rages on.

This past weekend, the Yankees third baseman incited a benches clearing situation with the White Sox after calling shortstop Tim Anderson ‘Jackie’, referring to Jackie Robinson.

Donaldson claimed he was calling him the name without racist intent, but based solely on the words Anderson used to describe himself in an interview in 2019.

Still, the MLB deemed the careless remark was enough to warrant a one game suspension.

After the suspension was handed down, several members from the White Sox voiced their frustrations. Immediately, pitcher coach Ethan Katz took to social media to say the MLB should have been harsher on Josh Donaldson.

White Sox pitcher Joe Kelly also said the one game suspension was too light.

“One game? I got eight games for making a silly face at Carlos Correa,” Kelly said via NBC Sports Chicago. “I got six games for someone attacking me on the mound.”

Eve after being place on the COVID list this week, Josh Donaldson is still adamant that his comment to Tim Anderson did not carry ill-intent, and he’s believed to be appealing the suspension.

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